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As a company, we seek to help many of our clients in the Brooklyn area to find real solutions for their access needs to their unique requirements. We strive to go beyond our standard overhead garage doors offer just to satisfy the needs of our clients. United Garage Door has a stock of specialty doors for such clients. This includes clients with practical purposes as much as those with presentation purposes. In addition to that, United Garage Door staff is highly knowledgeable and cannot be compared to any other in the industry. We have a team that is well trained on specialty door installation and repairs are able to optimize their solutions thus influencing the value of your specialty garage door to your home or business.

Insulated Doors

The insulated garage door is among the regularly requested specialty garage door types. The insulated door provides a vehicle and other equipment protection. If your business deals with warehouses, the insulated garage door can be a critical addition to your facility and you can depend on the fact that the insulated garage doors will even insulate your property at a consistent temperature. By taking advantage of our insulated doors you might even expand the potential of your garage by turning it into a recreational area. You can transform the garage into a creative space by making it more comfortable during the summer or the winter. Another advantage of an insulated garage door is that it can enable energy efficiency lowering your energy and electricity bills. All these features can be customized to fit your specific requirements. At United Garage Door our wide range of insulated doors can be the next solution for your home or business.

Fire Doors

United Garage Door Brooklyn, NY 347-205-8511For most of our clients, the question whether a fire door installation is a reasonable solution has been quite common. As much as it might not seem reasonable at the time the simple answer to the fire door question is straight forward “yes”. You need a fire door in your garage. This is because a garage is usually vulnerable to sudden fires as a result of the inflammable materials that usually end up in the garage space. A fuel leak or a spark on top of a heated surface can trigger fire that is unexpected.

Under direct sustained sunlight, some of the materials in the garage are going to start a spark that could destroy your valuables. In fact a small fire can easily spread from the garage to the main building in a matter of seconds.

The purpose of a fire door is to stop the flames from the garage from spreading to the rest of the building. By stopping the heat from getting to certain levels, the fire door will be able to maintain the heat at certain levels that are less harmful and eventually resist the rise of fire causing flares entirely. A fireproof door will be an important installation towards protecting the interior of your premises. You can protect your home or your business from damage that is irreparable and possibly even escape a fierce inferno. By installing a fireproof door you can be able to protect your home or your enterprise from a garage-based fire.

Traffic Doors (High-Speed Doors)

The high-speed door is made for high traffic portals. It is also one of the most commonly installed specialty doors. It is designed to quickly open thus providing convenient entry at faster speeds. Our company offers the traffic –optimized doors at two levels i.e. the economical that delivers value and utility and the premium model that gives more operational speed with a lower level of noise when activated..