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United Garage Door’s stand by experts and their discipline towards continuous professional development has given our company more insight. We are now able to offer world class level of service not only to the Brooklyn, NY area but also beyond. Our mobile service unit will arrive at any time and at any place to your rescue. It is this experienced professional service that enables us to deliver the best door experts with every client's requests.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Homeowners and company managers make one of the most common mistakes of having their garage door serviced by an untrained and unprofessional armature. By letting your garage door be worked on by an untrained you risk more damage to your garage door and this might result in you paying more money to buy the components that have been destroyed and also paying for the new expert. United Garage Door offers support for homes and businesses that require expert advice and skill. We at United Garage Door therefore encourage you to be careful with whom you work with and how they are benefiting your advancement in the Brooklyn

Garage Door Checkup

United Garage Door Brooklyn, NY 347-205-8511A garage door is designed such that each component is dependent on the other. This symbiotic relationship, therefore, means that failure of one part of the chain could lead to the failure of the system. It is important to have a regular maintenance schedule so as to keep the garage door safe and functioning.

At United Garage Door, technicians possess the tools needed to provide technical solutions to some regular garage door issues before they happen. Our company specializes in providing garage door checkup services that are proactive and that provide a clear picture of all current and potential future issues. That way you get to stay updated and protected from any forms of accidents.

At United Garage Door, experts will take the time to test and approve their work at all times through all the necessary procedures. This process ensures that the safety of the client is guaranteed. After the assessment has been completed the technician will outline the parts of the garage door that need replacement and further repair. They will also describe the condition of your garage while they make adjustments where possible.

Off-Track Garage Door

The smooth and predictable movements of a garage door are enabled by the garage door track assembly. This mechanism thus allows a garage door to be raised or lowered according to the operating range of the door. This therefore explains why a garage door that is detached from its track assembly will refuse to work as expected. A common cause of off-track doors in most cases is usually a broken cable. The cables can break as a result of getting old or strained under the influence of a heavy force. There are also other environmental factors that can come into play such as degrees of temperature and levels of moisture. All these elements might cause the cable material to wear and tear down causing a malfunction. The door is more likely to malfunction especially when the cable has only broken down on one side. This is the reason why most garage doors remain half opened and remain stuck until the issue is solved. The electric that usually detects objects in the garage door’s path as it closes down can also malfunction and cause a problem. The door itself can also get loose under impact causing to detach from its track. No matter the cause of damage, an off track garage door issue can easily and quickly be solved by a United Garage Door expert. Our technicians can repair your garage door and restore its functionality as soon as possible.